the two "Maurer"-companies

which maurer?

Presently there are two companies operating under the name "Maurer" competing in the market for ID systems. This appears to cause persistent confusion in the market.


As we still are receiving queries in this regard, we summarize here the history and clarify the present status.


Maurer Electronics GmbH



Thomas Maurer founded this company in 1975. From 1984 onwards, the company specialised on products for the ID market.



90% to Bdr

In 1997 Bundesdruckerei GmbH in Berlin purchased 90% of Maurer Electronics' equity. At that time Bundesdruckerei GmbH was owned by the German Government.


Bundesdruckerei subsequently became privatised and soon afterwards received intensive international press coverage in regard to organisational and financial issues. These issues had consequences for the reputation as well as the business prospects of Maurer Electronics as a subsidiary in the market world-wide.



100% for Bdr

In 2002, Thomas Maurer sold the rest of his shares to Authentos/Bundesdruckerei GmbH and founded a new company.




Since then, Maurer Electronics is a 100% subsidiary of Authentos/Bundesdruckerei. Although the name "Maurer" is still being used for this company, Thomas Maurer is not associated anymore to it or its products.


Maurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG



Maurer Technologies was founded by Thomas Maurer in 2002 at his original location in Munich.


key staff

maurer group

Thomas Maurer gradually took over former key staff and built a new group of companies in Munich, Singapore and Sydney.


legal situation


Pursuant to a contract signed in 2002 between Thomas Maurer and Bundesdruckerei/Authentos, Maurer Technologies GmbH are free from any non-competition obligation and conduct their professional activities without any encumbrances.

Maurer Technologies